Friday, May 26, 2006


Qurtaba city
The city is proposed to encompass about 27000 Kanal (135 Square) of land and shall host about Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand citizens utilizing 66% of the land for Residential and Commercial purpose, thereby providing 37500 housing units (22000 housing units of 500 SqY equivalent) of various sizes of 500 SqY, 250 SqY and 125 SqY.

The environment, climate and topography of Islamabad were deemed to be the guideline for site location. Qurtaba is also proposed to inherit all parameters of nucleus of a big city that shall emerge all around Qurtaba due to its unique ideology thereby giving birth to a big city of the country.

Civic Facilities
Land Development
Road Network
Road Infrastructure
Water Supply System
Sewerage Disposal System
Electricity Supply System
Telephone Facility
Natural Gas Supply
Public Buildings
Solid Waste Disposal System
Road and Street Lights
Access Roads
Bus Stops
Road Markings and Direction Boards
Infrastructure for Qurtaba University
Special Picnic Spots Along Sill River

Dwelling and Operation of Qurtaba
Construction & Civic Byelaws
Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure
Operation of Solid Waste Disposal and Sweeping System
Operation of Commercial Areas
Operation of Special Business Center for Women
Operation of Civic Center
Operation of Hospital and Health Care Centers
Operation of Collage, Primary & Secondary Schools
Operation of Central Jamia Mosque & Sector Mosques
Control of Quality of Services like Postal Service, Police Service, Fire Brigade Service
Intercity and Transport with in Qurtaba
Operation of Petrol Pump
Operation of Horticulture Services

Operation of Security System
Operation of Qurtaba Cable TV Network & Qurtaba Intranet
Operation of Qurtaba & Madinatul Ilm Offices
Operation of Qurtaba University
Operation of Jamia Qurtaba

Location of Qurtaba city
Site of Qurtaba is selected near Chakri, 50 Km away from Islamabad / Rawalpindi which is connected with road network via Pakistan Motorway Chakri Interchange and via Sehal Road with Rawalpindi. Proposed site of Qurtaba spreads over three main villages i.e., Kolian Hameed, Dedhar and Mujahid. Right of way has been acquired through Chakran village for access road and a road has also been provided but not maintained yet.

Attached map is showing location, topographical features and area earmarked for the project site. Qurtaba access road is also visible in thick blue line emerging near Kolian Hameed.

Qurtaba City, Islamabad

City of Peace & Knowledge

The Project Shall Host

Qurtaba University
Qurtaba Jamia Mosque

as Central Hub of the Social Sphere